Mission Statement

Grace Transformations exists to glorify God by providing an incomparable construction experience at a reasonable price for every design and budget level.

How We Do It

With 26 years of experience in home remodeling and construction, we have a lot to offer. We can begin with either your design, or our own innovative design that incorporates the individual needs, desires, and character of the client into the unique circumstances of the client’s home. We follow this design with quality craftsmanship that guarantees the satisfaction of the client.

The Owner

Allan Shaw grew up in Cleveland, Ohio in a family that would rather have been hanged, than to pay someone to do something that they could have done themselves.  That situation provided a significant amount of experience in home repair and remodeling. Directly after high school he entered the construction and remodeling field in the professional sense.

In 1998, Allan left Cleveland to attend The Ohio State University. While at OSU, he worked for himself doing handyman work and small home repair and remodeling projects. After graduating with a B.S. in Psychology in 2003, he opened a company doing home remodeling projects on a larger scale.

Finally, in 2010, our Lord had what Allan calls a “Come to Jesus Meeting” with him. This meeting lasted approximately 3 years worth of shaping and formation and discernment. In 2013, he was prompted to focus his energy on proper stewardship of his God-given talents. Since then, Grace Transformations has been providing high quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices, and community support that has benefitted many.

Our Values


Regardless of your budget level, we live the values that we profess. We provide the most honest and comprehensive analyses possible in all circumstances during every phase of the construction process. Through proper analysis, we can communicate realistic expectations and avoid, in every way possible, unpleasant surprises. By conducting business in this manner, we can offer the highest quality, reasonable expectations, and the best value for every project.


We always use the highest quality materials and provide the highest quality craftsmanship to produce the best representation of the client’s desired result.


We stay current with industry innovations in products, services, and techniques. We, then, fully educate ourselves on the efficacy and quality of these innovations to ensure that we offer our clients the best of what the industry has to offer.


Community Service


The community is the backbone of our society. Because of this we participate in projects that seek better our community and, therefore, strengthen our world, at large.

If you are ready to restore your home to its original glory or bring it into the new millennium, please contact us today to begin the transformation process.